Monthly Billing vs the 4-Week-Sneak

4 Week Sneak

Don’t be fooled by competitors offering 4-week rates!

These are not the same as monthly rates and are a sneaky way of getting you to pay more. Although a 4-week rate may look cheaper than a monthly rate, often it is not.

We all know there are twelve months in a year. You may not realize, however, that there are actually thirteen 4-week periods in a year.

Who thinks in 4-week cycles anyway? Some of our competitors do, and they are frankly counting on the fact that you don't. It is the “4-Week-Sneak” and works like this:

What’s cheaper? 4 weeks for $100 or one month for $105? Not sure? We don’t blame you. It’s confusing because our competitors want it to be.

A monthly rate of $105 is actually less than a 4-week rate of $100. This is because there are thirteen 4-week periods in a month, not twelve.

4 weeks at $100 multiplied by 13 payments per year equals $1,300. To get the true monthly rate, just divide $1,300 by 12. This works out to $108.33, more than the $105 monthly rate that originally looked more expensive.

You can also do the math like this, knowing there are 52 weeks in each year:

  • $100 divided by 4 weeks = $25 per week
  • $25 per week multiplied by 52 weeks per year = $1,300 per year
  • $1,300 per year divided by 12 months per year = $108.33 per month

Although you may not be staying a full year, your effective daily cost is more at 4 weeks for $100 than it is at one month for $105.

Our competitors will say they do it so they have more flexibility to refund your unused weeks when you vacate.

Really? We say it’s a cash grab. What’s stopping them from refunding your unused days when you vacate? That’s what we do because we believe you should never pay for more than you use.

Try our 4-Week-Sneak Calculator to find out how much they are really charging you:

4-Week-Sneak Calculator

Enter Our Competitor's 4 Week Rate:


Your Real Monthly Rate Will Be:


Here’s what else our competitors won’t tell you up front about the 4-Week-Sneak:

Your Payment Date Will Change Every Month! This happens because they are actually charging you every 4 weeks (also known as 28-day billing). They count on this confusion to encourage missed payments and late fees. With our monthly system, your monthly due date always remains the same. We can even move it to whatever day of the month works best for you.

You’ll Pay Twice in One Month! Yup, you read that right. Take the month of July as an example. If you move in on July 1st your next payment will be due on July 29th. Although this may not catch up with you right away (depending on the day of the month that you actually move in), there will be one month each year where you’ll make two payments. For most of us, this can create a real financial crunch.

In summary:

Monthly Billing with Us

4-Week-Sneak Competitor Billing

Payments Due

On the same day every month. You can even prorate your bill to the day of the month that works best for you. Every 28 days, meaning your due date changes every month.

Rent Refunds

Don’t pay for more than you use. We refund your unused days with proper notice. If they offer refunds at all, they will likely only refund unused weeks.

Frequency of Payments

Once a month, on the same day each month (12 payments per year). Once every 28 days (thirteen payments per year). Some months will have two payments.